Friday, September 4, 2009

Robert Reich Gives The President Some Much Needed Advice

This is another blog I frequent that I failed to mention in my previous post. Robert Reich lays out what I think most Democrats, liberals and progressives have been saying for months now. And the advice is a lot better than what's been coming out of the White House lately.

Reich: ...A record number of Democrats, who took over Congress in 2006, hail from traditionally Republican or swing states and districts.
In order to get anything meaningful through this session of Congress, then, the President will have to give congressional Democrats far more leadership and more cover. Doing so is harder now than before the recess, when he was still basking in the afterglow of a honeymoon and 60 percent favorabilities.Yet it's not too late. Addressing a joint session of Congress next Wednesday is a good idea but Obama can't rely solely on his exceptional rhetorical skills. He'll need to twist arms, cajole, force recalcitrant members to join him, threaten retribution if they don't come along.
Most importantly, he'll need to be specific about what he wants -- especially about three things.
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