Monday, August 31, 2009

Cheney Thinks He Kept Us Safe

Dick Cheney on Fox "News" Sunday: I guess the other thing that offends the hell out of me, frankly, Chris, is we had a track record now of eight years of defending the nation against any further mass casualty attacks from Al Qaida.
The approach of the Obama administration should be to come to those people who were involved in that policy and say, "How did you do it? What were the keys to keeping this country safe over that period of time?"

I could care less whether you're offended, DICK. Actually, stike that. I prefer you be offended on a regular basis. And even if the Obama administration did "come to those people who were involved in that policy" for advice, that wouldn't be you, DICK. If they wanted advice from your administration, it would be to check your notes for a "How NOT To Run The Government" strategy.
If you'll notice, the crazy Cheney rhetoric has morphed from "keeping the country safe since 9/11" to "keeping the country safe the for the last eight years." Hey, asshole, don't you mean a little over SEVEN years? Or are you thinking, "Well, except for that one time, we kept you safe. Oh, and the antrax thing... uh, that's twice. But other than those two times... uh, we kept you safe."
Uh... no, douchebag. We were hit under your watch. No other administration can make that dubious claim. Why on earth would Obama want advice from the only administration in the nation's history that fell asleep at the switch while vacationing for a fucking month in Crawford, Texas of all places?
Also read Andrew Sullivan ripping Chris Wallace a new asshole.

(H/T Cesca for the quote.)


Fraulein said...

Everybody forgets about the anthrax thing!

NowhereMan said...

1.Mr. Stalin er Cheney why do you keep claiming your torture methods prevented further attacks when not even the CIA is making such claims?
2.If AlQaida is as dangerous as you always claim,why did you pull the special forces out of Tora Bora when thats where they believed BinLadin was hiding?
3.According to the 911 commission,George Tenet and Richard Clarke were running around the whitehouse with their "hair on fire"warning of a possible terrorist attack yet you never called a meeting of the terrorist committee you were suppose to be in charge of why?
4. You keep claiming you keep claiming you kept us safe but you never Acknowledge it was under your watch that we lost over 3,000 people in the worst foreign attack in American history why?
5.what if anything did you do when you read the september PDB about a possible AlQaida attack?

Virtual Kevin said...

How did you do it?

Fear mongering, Budget plundering and the power of distraction,

Start a unjust war in an unrelated Middle East county to concentrate the opposition, then threaten the retirement plans of the populous to keep them distracted.

Yep that ought to do it!