Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dow Closes Above 10,000...

... for the first time in over a year.

Remember this?
March 2nd, 2009 - Let’s look at the key dates in Barack Obama’s Administration so far and see what the stock market did around those dates:
November 3, 2008: Obama is Elected
November 3, 2008: 9326.04 Open
November 4, 2008: 9139.28 Close
So far, not that bad, right? However, if investors believed in Obama’s message of hope they would buy, instead of sell, around that time.
January 20, 2009: Obama is Inaugurated
January 20, 2009: 8,279.63 Open
January 20, 2009: 7,920.66 Close
Obama’s inauguration didn’t exactly make investors celebrate. Also note, between Obama’s election and inauguration, the stock market dropped 1200 points. If they believed in Obama, the stock market probably would have inched upward, even in a down economy.
February 17, 2009: Obama signs stimulus package into law.
February 17, 2009: 7,845.63 Open
February 17, 2009: 7,502.59 Close
The stimulus package clearly did not stimulate any investors into buying. Note that as of February 17, there was a 1800 point drop since the election, and a 400 point drop since inauguration.
February 27, 2009: Obama announces budget
Febraury 27, 2009: 7,180.97 Open
March 2, 2009: 6763.29 Close
As of today’s close, Obama has overseen the worst stock market performance in the history of America for a new president. It’s an unprecedented 28% drop from Obama’s election to today. If you don’t believe my numbers, you can check the historical data here.

Today: *criket*...*cricket*... *cricket*

Attention As of today's close, the Dow Jones has increased 33% in the last six months (while President Obama was actually in office) since your ridiculous post. Care to credit Obama for that?


NowhereMan said...

I remember Limpballs citing the stock market everyday to show that Obama as he puts it, a failure.Now its as if the stock market no longer exist.

Fraulein said...

Exactly -- when will the cable knuckleheads start talking about the "Obama Recovery"? I'm sure not anytime soon. But if somehow we had ended up with President John McCain, and the same thing happened with the stock market, I have a feeling McCain would be getting the credit.