Monday, October 12, 2009

Maddow Named Best Talk Show Host in America by UK

No, it's not an official title. But it is interesting that a foreign newspaper would notice.

"...what really endears her to American liberals is the way she takes her job and the authority it gives her seriously. Maddow is less interested in the shouting fests that dominate most cable news and instead favours in-depth interviews with experts who are permitted to show their expertise on air without being interrupted. Hers may be the only show on cable news were feminists come on air to speak their minds without being paired off with belligerent sexists who dominate the conversation by yelling over their points.
But Maddow isn't opposed to fair-mindedness. She often brings on conservatives for the same kind of in-depth interviews, and even when she strongly disagrees, she always gives them a chance to air their views (and generally hang themselves with those views). Her show is the exact opposite of Bill O'Reilly's show. Where he cuts people off for saying things he doesn't like, Maddow digs in deeper."
Suck it, Bill-O.


vyccan said...

Good for her!
Her approach seems so 'natural and calm', even when she feels strongly about a subject that I find her a pleasure to watch. I gain insight, and I don't have to listen to/watch people yelling or being yelled at. It's for the latter reason that I don't watch Keith and the others.

By the way, Carl, I do drop in briefly every day and did miss your comments. Glad you're 'back'!

NowhereMan said...

shes a master of making the most complicated issues simple enough so that everybody can understand them.It took the UK to point out to this country just how good she is.Its no coincidence that the two times she has appeared on meet the press,a show she should be hosting,that the show has enjoyed its highest ratings.Don't go on vacation Gregory!