Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where Did All The Rational People Go?

I saw this on Hardball last night and all I could do was shake my head... after I had picked my jaw up off the floor.

Seriously, Oath Keeper guy? When law enforcement officers and military personnel lose their process of rational thinking to the point of joining this pathetic, fear mongering group, it really is time to worry. Why is it that this group formed only after a black man won the Presidential election? Do you seriously think they would exist under a President John McCain? Me neither.


Virtual Kevin said...

This is such crap. State of Emergency is a valuable tool for Governors to impose in order get federal funding for disasters.

When has anyone been asked to blockade a state?

This guy has been watching too many re-runs of Red Dawn!

NowhereMan said...

Fucking nuts!But the again so are most right wing extremists.By the way he says hes 1/4 Mexican what ever that means,so whats the rest of the 3/4 made of?