Sunday, October 18, 2009

White House: Fox News Is Not A News Organization

Wingnuts fling feces in 5... 4... 3...

Does any rational person still really doubt this? Fox News has always had a conservative slant which is their right. They're in the business of infotainment and they'll hawk whatever will turn a profit. But "fair and balanced" it's never been. And anyone who says that MSNBC is a liberal equivalent is sorely mistaken. Other than the two straight liberal shows (Countdown and The Rachel Maddow Show) who base their stories on facts instead of lies and distortions, show me the Fox News equivalent of Morning Joe or Hardball? Show me a liberal nutball on MSNBC crying on a nightly basis with leaps of logic on a prop blackboard. Sure, Keith Olbermann can be over emotional, but look for criticisms and factchecking on his show based on what he says instead of how he says it and you'll have a long, hard search.

The White House has every reason to be wary of real news organizations falling into the for-profit, if it bleeds it leads, Fox style of "news" broadcasting. No one says Fox can't have it's opinion, but purposely misleading or distorting facts, or building a segment based on RNC talking points complete with typos is not news.

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