Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Definition of Contradiction

Maine Senator Olympia Snowe cannot vote for the health care bill.  The bill she delayed with her ultimatum of withholding her vote because of the public option and her preference for an unattainable trigger. Why? She's been working on it for a year... but feels it's being rushed through.

“Having been fully immersed in this issue for this entire year and as the only Republican to vote for health reform in the Finance Committee, I deeply regret that I cannot support the pending Senate legislation as it currently stands, given my continued concerns with the measure and an artificial and arbitrary deadline of completing the bill before Christmas that is shortchanging the process on this monumental and trans-generational effort..."
And yet all we hear from the GOP is how this should be a bipartisan agreement when they've pre-determined that not one Republican will vote for it. So why should the Democrats wait?

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NowhereMan said...

The Democrats are still acting like they are not in charge.The Republicans just stood on the sidelines waiting to cast their no vote while the Democrats kept slashing their own bill as if it were Nicole Simpson.Pathetic.