Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two Down, One To Go

Another early morning session, another 60 votes. This time, to end debate on the Senate health care bill.

Senate Democrats remained united in their goal of passing historic legislation by Christmas, and Republicans were steadfast in opposition. The motion to shut off debate on a package put together by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid passed 60-39.

The final 60-vote hurdle, which would end debate on the bill itself, is expected Wednesday afternoon, starting a 30-hour countdown to a night-before-Christmas vote on the bill, which needs only a simple majority to pass.

The Senate has been voting at odd hours since Monday around 1 a.m. because Republicans have insisted on using all the time allowed them under Senate rules to delay the bill. Not to be thwarted, Reid, D-Nev., has refused to postpone action until after the holidays. Hence the unusual schedule. On Tuesday, they started voting at sunrise.

Let's not forget this when Republicans whine and moan about this being passed in the dead of night with no help from the GOP side. One, they're forcing these crazy hours and two, no votes equates not wanting to help.

Adding... Rachel Maddow explains the useless waste of time.

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