Monday, December 14, 2009

Dems Cave To Lieberman

Via TPC:

Senate Democrats "emerged from a special caucus meeting Monday night determined to pass a health-care bill by Christmas -- but without the Medicare buy-in plan that liberals had sought as an alternative to a government insurance option," the Washington Post reports.

Bloomberg notes Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), chairman on the Senate health committee, said he would be willing to drop a "public option" government insurance program to win passage of a health-care overhaul.

Said Harkin: "This bill, without public option, without Medicare buy-in, is a giant step forward toward transforming American health care. That's reality, there is enough good stuff in that bill that we should move ahead with it."

Gee, Tom, that was a quick turnaround. I have to say I thought the party would hold Lieberman's feet to the fire and not cave in ONE DAY. Also, does this Christmas deadline seem like bullshit to anyone else? What's the fucking point if any form of public option, including the Medicare buy-in, is dead?

Yes, I know that the consumer protection rules that (hopefully) everyone in the Senate agree with are important steps in overall reform, but I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I feel right now. My only hope is that progressives will give a big FUCK YOU to Rahm, and anyone else in the White House that thinks this is good idea.

Strip Lieberman now.

ADDING... Now that Lieberman is allegedly appeased, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop and have the Senate include Stupak abortion language to win Ben Nelson's vote. I'm really disgusted right about now. C'mon, progressives. Fight back!

Also... Don't for a second think that this is anything other than the Senator from Aetna sucking the cock of his corporate insurance masters based in Hartford. Joe Lieberman is not about cost containment. Joe Lieberman is not about saving the dying Medicare system. Joe Lieberman is about Joe Lieberman.


Ryan said...

I have been thinking all along that the democrats have had an overarching plan in store for health care reform. My belief was that president Obama was staying out of the debate in congress, while working behind the scenes to make sure things moved smoothly through both houses. After this report tonight I have lost all hope in this reform bill. At this point I would have more respect for these people if they brought the senate bill to a vote and forced Lieberman to vote for a filibuster. I am at a loss right now and could not be any more disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Broadway Carl,

You're a complete loser. Complete. It's illiterate children like you masquerading as adults that cause all the problems in this country.

Here's hoping your job is off-shored and your right to vote rescinded. It's time to start marginalizing ignoramuses such as yourself. The country simply cannot afford it anymore.

Broadway Carl said...

Ha! Thanks, Allen Frederick for copying and pasting your response to my on this thread. So I'll just copy and paste my thread to you:

Finally, Allen Frederick blames someone else other than Obama. Yes, Allen, it's all my fault that douchebags think they know better and make a "statement" by voting for Nader (no offense, Bob, you know better). Poverty is my fault. Crime is my fault. Republicans are my fault. A fucked political system is my fault. Sarah Palin is my fault. Fox News Channel is my fault.

You're absolutely right. I'm masquerading as an adult while you masquerade as someone who thinks they know better than everyone else with their "I told you so" attitude. I'm masquerading as an adult while you wish for further US jobs to be lost (via me personally), and my voting rights to be taken away.

Who did you vote for in 2008, Allen? Obama? Then you voted just as stupidly as I did. McCain? Then you lost and are crying in your beer. Bob Barr or Ron Paul? Then you're a complete dick. Complete.

NowhereMan said...

Getting back to the subject,I can't believe how Harkin after all the bluster all these months of fighting for the public option, put up the white flag before a shot was fired!
I've come to the conclusion for the sake of common sense,lets just break up the two party dysfunctional 2 party system and let the Liberal Dems have their own party since all they get is shit on by the party after being so influential in the Dems taking charge of Congress.This way you will know exactly who are your real friends and who are just backstabbing whores
This isn't change,this is the same old tired political bullshit that always comes out of DC.The last great thing coming out of there was Medicare in the mid 60s
Now with a chance to improve and increase the patience Now with a chance
Let the moderates have a the moderate wing.Republicans should do the same thing: split into the republican conservative party and the moderate republicans.That way the moderate Republicans can criticize the crazy shit coming out of Limpballs mouth without fear of retribution from your party.
That way everybody will know where everybody stands and improves chances for more intelligent open debate.
as for taking the medicare option out it just shows you what a bunch of fuckups the Dems are.Their last great accomplishment was passing medicare in the mid 60s.Now with a chance to put more people in it and by doing so save thousands of lives,they decide to punt!
So much for the change i was promised to me its the same old political bullshit game year after year.the big difference between now and LBJ twisted arms and broke heads to get medicare passed.Obama doesnt want to get in the dirt.Its called leadership.I don't think he likes getting his suit wrinkled.

Annette said...

Let's regroup and think for a minute.. They are trying to get 60 votes so they can get it to Conference Committee.. Then in Conference with the House Bill they can combine the 2 and make it better once again. After that they only need a simple majority of 51 to pass it through the Senate and get it to the President's desk.

Does that make sense? I think that's what Bob talked about a loooooong time ago... and I believe I am correct in remembering it this way... So if this will get the 60 votes we need and get it back to Conference, let them kiss LIEberman's Ass, you could also do what I did.. and send the Ass a letter from his web site and lie to him just as he has lied to everyone else and tell him how you really feel...

We have to lie because he won't allow anyone except people from CT to contact him.. so I made up an address and sent him an email telling him what a douche I thought he was.