Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If Only There Were More Like Him


Annette said...

Smart, on target and he has the facts behind him.. wish we could clone him and have him in several states at once... We sure need more of him. I would start with your neighbor...CT.. and go from there.. Maybe Maine, then Missouri.. I am ready to ship McCaskill to somewhere.. she is almost as bad as LIEberman.. just doesn't get as much notice.

Broadway Carl said...

I've been a little disappointed in McCaskill as well, Annette. But at least when she says something she sticks to it. She wanted to see CBO scores on the bill before making up her mind. That's only fair.

Lieberdouche, on the other hand, says he'll vote for something he once campaigned on, then says he's not certain, then says he'll look at the CBO before deciding, then decides he won't support it no matter what. Doesn't want any form of public insurance, but says he's FOR reform. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

If only there were less like you. You're an ignorant jack-ass with a big mouth and small brain.

Broadway Carl said...

You know, "Allen Frederick", you can sign in instead of hiding behind the "anonymous" label, you coward.

And by the way, for someone who calls me immature, you sure seem to be flinging it around with absolutely nothing constructive to add. It only confirms my suspicion that you are a moron.