Thursday, February 4, 2010

And They Want To Be Taken Seriously, Part 2

Martha Johnson is voted in UNANIMOUSLY, 96-0, after a political waiting game.

The U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to confirm Martha N. Johnson as head of the General Services Administration, nearly 10 months after she was first nominated to head the federal agency.
Upon assuming office, Johnson "will become the first permanent Administrator of the General Services Administration in nearly two years."
Earlier in 2009, Johnson was unanimously approved by members of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. But a single senator, Republican Kit Bond from Missouri, has used his symbolic 'privilege' to hold up consideration of Johnson's nomination since last summer. The delay was meant to pressure GSA administrators to approve a $175 million federal building project in Kansas City.

ADDING... Party of fiscal conservatives, indeed.

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Annette said...

That's not the worse part of the matter. there is a huge investigation of the GSA buildings here in Kansas City that Kit Bond is knee deep in covering up. It has caused Cancer in several people and it may be why he was holding up her nomination because he didn't want anyone to investigate his involvement in it.

It's quite a big deal here in the news.. KSHB our NBC news affiliate has been all over it for a while, There is a day care facility in the building too, and some concern about the children being exposed to PCB's and such. Several of the people have already died and some are very ill. It's quite a mess.....and Bond is very involved.

Anonymous said...

I really am not a violent person but things like this make me want to break things. Couldn't ONE Republican't vote no just to not make it so blaringly obviously obstructionist? Geez louise!