Friday, February 5, 2010

The Complete, Unedited Bill O'Reilly/Jon Stewart Video...

... in which Jon Stewart reveals who the real pinhead is. What I don't understand is why Bill-O (to his credit) would allow the full version of the interview to be posted online for an easy comparison of what actually made the show and further shows his thin skin. The aired interview was more heavily edited than a James O'Keefe ACORN video.

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NowhereMan said...

What a bitch slapping Stewart gave him!Who was grilling who?When he tried to give an example of how Stewart took him out of context,Stewart easily nailed him.When he tried to defend Fox as being unbiased,Stewart again nailed him with facts and how they twist the facts to go after Obama.I loved when Billo said Stewart was an elitist Stewart pointed out he lived in Greenwich Village while Billo had an estate on Long Island.If it were a boxing match,Billo's corner would've thrown in the towell in the 3rd round.