Sunday, February 14, 2010

Seriously, Harold Ford?

If you want to run for Senator of New York, being that you've lived here all of four years, wouldn't you think that the first thing you would do is make sure your tax records are in order? Not Harold Fold.

Ford claims to have moved to New York three years ago, and says paying "New York taxes" makes him a New Yorker. But his spokeswoman confirms to Gawker that he's never filed a New York tax return — meaning that he's never paid New York's income tax, despite keeping an office and a residence in New York City as a vice chairman of Merrill Lynch since 2007: "He pays New York taxes and will file a New York tax return in April for the first time," Ford's spokeswoman Tammy Sun told Gawker. "He will file all necessary personal disclosure and tax forms that candidates are required to file if he chooses to run." (According to Sun, Ford admitted to the tax dodge yesterday at a press availability in Albany, but we can't find any news accounts mentioning the remarks.)
Wouldn't this also mean that if he's filing Tennessee taxes and therefore claiming it as his "primary" residence, he's not eligible to run in New York? I suppose by filing in New York in April for the first time makes that point moot since there is no minimum time requirement one must live in a state for eligibility, but what does it say to the constituents whose votes Ford wants to garner?


Annette said...

I don't know about yesterday, but he did say that this morning on MTP, and he dodged when DG asked him about the bonus he was paid by Merril. He said he would reveal it if he had to and only then. And then he went on this rant about not taxing the banks and the bonuses during a time of recession.

I normally don't watch MTP but Rachel was on there and it was a thing of beauty... Aaron Schock from IL was on there and she called him out for his hypocrisy face to face... Also VP Biden said Dickless was lying to the American people.... I loved it.

Broadway Carl said...

Ford has been living here since 2007. HE may say he paid NY taxes (probably payroll taxes) but if he hasn't filed a NY tax return and files in TN, then he's trying to fool everyone.

NowhereMan said...

The bottom line is Ford has no principles.In Tennesse,he had the tone of a pro-life moderate Democrat.Now hes trying to sound like a pro-choice liberal.Hes a big phony who figured if an out of towner like Hillary can get elected why not him?