Sunday, April 18, 2010

Douchebag of the Week: Thomas Mitchell

The Editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Thomas "Look at my awesome cowboy hat and my sweet Wyatt Earp moustache" Mitchell wrote a swell column about voting bias. Not, white voters overwhelmingly voting for white candidates or blacks voters voting for black candidates, or even Tea Party voters voting for nutball candidates. No, Mitchell thinks that women are "fickle and biased" towards Democratic candidates and therefore it's time to repeal the 19th Amendment. You know, the one that gave women the right to vote.

How does he come to this stellar conclusion?
Men favored the attractive former beauty queen Sue Lowden over the graying Harry Reid by 22 points, while women shunned their gender mate, choosing Reid by a 2-point margin. Which proves women favor Democrats.
Not convinced? Well let’s back it up a week and look at the poll results published this past Sunday.
In a head-to-head match among Reid, Lowden and Tea Party pretender Scott Ashjian, the men favored Lowden by 19 points over Reid and women picked Reid by a 3-point margin. Ashjian was in single digits.
But change the Republican option from Lowden to former basketball star Danny Tarkanian and it is a different tale. Men still favored the Republican by 16 points and doubled their support by Ashjian to 15 points. Women, on the other hand, chose Reid by 16 points, proving they’d rather vote for a woman than a male Republican.
Hoo-hoo! Get it? Reid's a woman!

Now let me add that if this is supposed to be satirical, as some of the commenters in his editorial have suggested, I didn't get it. At. All.

No, I just happen to think that Thomas Mitchell is a typical misogynist, Republican prick who doesn't understand why illogical, fickle, emotional women are trusted with the right to vote because they obviously aren't voting for Party of No douchebags. Therefore they must not have any clue about the issues.

Thomas Mitchell: Douchebag of the Week!


chris said... explains Bachmann & Palin.

NowhereMan said...

Women are better at determining whats fact and whats fiction(With the exception of the two idiots Chris gave).Thats why they support Reid while men are more prone to join a mob without asking questions(teatards).For example tomorrow they are going to be protesting for gun rights and will be carrying loaded guns with them even though Obama hasn't said a word about gun control!Guarantee all of them will be white males.

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