Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What The Fuck?

I think I need a gun to protect myself... from these fucking nutjobs!

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"They get the first shot, we get the last." Unbelievable. How about they get the first shot, you get the second shot and they obliterate you with the third shot? How's that for gun rights? And the "You're a socialist!" rant that Pratt goes on about, is everyone a socialist because they believe in the Constitutional right to "promote the general welfare"? Pratt sounded like Oprah! "You're a socialist and you're a socialist and you're a socialist!" as he pointed fingers to Matthews, Roosevelt, Truman, JFK, Nixon and even Herbert Hoover.

It's these wingnuts that actually threaten gun rights - because if I listen to these guys long enough, I would be scared shitless that they own guns. Has President Obama said anything, has any legislation been considered to tighten gun rights or repeal the 2nd Amendment? This bluster has to stop before another wingnut hurts someone.

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Wolfe Tone said...

"Will pro-gun rallies lead to violence?"

That's a rhetorical question, right?

NowhereMan said...

Why doesn't NBC simply compile all the interviews with these wingnuts and promote it as "Best of SNL".SNL can't top the the satire these clowns produce!
Amazing how they can't answer a simple question as to whether Obama was even born in this country.This whole bullshit is all about hating Obama but they disguise it as something else and when challenge they filibuster because they have nothing of substance to make their point.