Friday, April 9, 2010

Tiger's New Nike Ad

During this whole Tiger Woods fiasco since last November, I pretty much thought that his personal life is his business. I never admired Tiger Woods as a good family man, or a straight arrow because I don't know the guy. I admired his golf game. That was what I knew about him.

So I got a little tired of the criticism of Woods on a seemingly daily basis by a scandal hungry media who care more about balloon boys or who cheated on whom instead of more important things. It was Anna Nicole Smith all over again. And when all these women came out of the woodwork seeking their fifteen minutes, it really started to get stupid. Oh, these poor, victimized women who were tragically taken advantage of by the evil Tiger Woods, at least that's how it was portrayed in the media. To which I say, "Uh, didn't ANY of these women know Woods was married? Because the rest of the fucking planet did!" Is it okay to be the only mistress but unacceptable to be one of many cheaters? 

So let Woods do what he needs to do, go to sex rehab if he wants to (although no single man or woman would be going to rehab in the same situation), let him take the time he needs to get his life back together and when he comes back, I hope he wins the first goddamn tournament he's in just so we don't have to hear anymore about anything in Tiger's non-golfing life. And if he doesn't want to talk about it, that's his right.

Then came the release of a new Nike ad on the day of Tiger's return to The Masters.

What. The. Fuck.

Let it go, man. If you don't want to talk about it, if you want to keep your private life private, then the last thing you want to do is exploit the melodrama that has been your life these last six months in a fucking television ad, and using your dead father's voice to boot! That's just creepy, man.

I don't know who advised Woods to do this ad, but it in my opinion, it was the exact wrong move.

Now go win the fucking Masters.

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