Friday, April 9, 2010

Touchdown Jesus Facelift!

My mother-in-law sent me this article.

A giant depiction of Jesus Christ that has become one of southwest Ohio's most familiar landmarks is getting spruced up.
The Solid Rock Church says it is power-washing and painting the eye-catching "King of Kings" statue along Interstate 75 in Monroe, about midway between Cincinnati and Dayton. Church officials say the work on the 62-foot-tall statue is needed to treat weather exposure. Some 60 gallons of paint will be used.

We've driven by this monstrosity multiple times while visiting my wife's home state of Ohio and I never get over it. It's right on the fucking highway!

It's a shame that the church doesn't see fit to use the money for, oh I don't know,  maybe a food bank or a homeless shelter. But whatever.

My only question is this: Is Touchdown Jesus rooting for the Bengals or the Browns? Is he screaming a Holy 'Who Dey!' or is he a member of the Deity Dawg Pound?

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