Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Banned From Sarah Palin's Facebook Page

Oh, the horror.... the horror.  Actually, it really didn't take much.

I joined Sarah Palin's Facebook page initially months ago out of curiosity. You know, the same reason you pay a buck to go into the Circus Side Show tent to see freaks and oddities, or the same reason you can't stare away from a horrific car accident.

But yesterday's craptastic Palin entry, and her sheeple's comments, took me to a very dark place... the point of no return... the rebuttal comment.

Sarah's Facebook ghostwriter wrote:

Soldier pay decreases in the midst of overspending elsewhere and government union pay raises. Seriously? What are our priorities?
...going on to cite a Newsmax article. Newsmax!

Oh, the outrage! Comments flying left and right! Or right and righter.
"We should cut his pay to unemployed. IMPEACH HIM."
"How can they decrease it any more...They are living at poverty level now...Grrr!"
"Rid the government reps that are criminals! Including our president that is not a citizen!"
"Can't freaken believe it!! What an a-s hole. Take from the very people that keep us safe and give to the crooks!!! Politicians , unions , special interest etc... I am so mad. Obama has to go !!!"
That damn, Kenyan reverse Robin Hood!  How dare he!!!  Well, I couldn't just sit there dumbfounded at how many stupid people there are in the country. So I thought I'd edumacate them:
"Uh, you do know that the soldiers are getting a pay INCREASE this year, don't you? Maybe you should do some research instead of taking ½ term Sarah's lies as fact." complete with an Army Times link.

I guess that second sentence was enough for the Palin Facebook Gestapo to delete my comment and ban me from posting there ever again. It took about 30 seconds. But I doubt my comment would have survived even without the "½ term Sarah" dig. Pretty amazing to think that her FB page administrators are monitoring comments that closely.

Why does Sarah Palin hate the First Amendment?

Anyway... badge of honor I suppose. Here's fun little game: why don't you head on over to Palin's FB page, join, and politely disagree with whatever you like. See how long it takes you to have your comment deleted. Then join this page and relay what egregious, unthinkable comment got you booted. Keep those Palin police on their toes!


drewr said...

This story is going on 24 hours and yet you have most likely known for nearly that same amount of time that it is not true. At what point will you show us the integrity you claim to have and pull posts and stories like this one once they have been debunked?
If you really want to get serious about your political future and brand yourself as a "Rogue", then show your voters how you are different from the mainstream politic and actually tell the truth, for one, and admit mistakes when you make them, for two.

I just posted that comment over on SP's page a few seconds ago...let the timer start.

drewr said...
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Anonymous said...

Ha!! Drew and Carlos -- a match made by me. :)