Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hey, Congressional Aide Brian Martin...

... where are your smart ass comments now?

Still defending Rep. Taylor's "rainbows and chocolate milk" bullshit, or have you decided that this is actually a serious disaster? Oh, but I forgot, you "know a lot more about what is going on in the Gulf than" I do.



Wolfe Tone said...

The silence from Brian Martin is deafening.

NowhereMan said...

I wonder why he hasn't pointed out what a beautiful mosaic color the ocean is now instead of that drab blue?

Anonymous said...

Remember those spin-art things? You'd squeeze some paint on the paper and then flip a switch and it would spin the paper, making a beautiful and random piece of art? Well, this looks like that. And Brian Martin and others like him have about as much control over this situation as anyone has over how their spin-art turns out. You can squeeze all the crap you want but we still have a mess.