Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hey, Rep. Gene Taylor! Hey, Brian Martin!

Just rainbows and chocolate milk, huh? This will all evaporate within a week, huh?

You guys have been awfully silent these last couple of weeks since those asinine statements. What say you now? You should resign from office just for being that fucking stupid.

(H/T Bob Cesca)


NowhereMan said...

maybe they took a swim in it-one can only hope.

Brian Martin said...

You are still intentionally misrepresenting what Taylor said. He said it was bad and terrible and they have to stop the leak but he told the truth that waves and wind and sun were breaking down, evaporating, and biodegrading much of the oil before it gets near land. The thick oil is farther from Mississippi today than it was 3 weeks ago because it is breaking down naturally. Some of the emulsified chocolate mousse of oil and water is in a small area of Louisiana marsh and that is bad but it still is nowhere near Katrina or Armageddon. Taylor never said the oil was harmless but you have to misrepresent what he said to suit your agenda.

chris said...

It's not breaking down naturally! They've put chemicals, extremely toxic chemicals, chemicals the US gov't told them to find a replacement for, into the Gulf to breakdown the oil. There are huge plumes under the water. And the oil has reached the marshes & islands & beaches so obviously it's NOT better than it was 3 weeks ago!
YOU might not consider it a disaster, but there are hundreds of thousands of people whose livelihood have been totally screwed over in the name of money & more money! People with actual small businesses who are stuck with mortgages & boat payments they can't make & whose jobs have vanished.
But, hey, it's no big deal.
You're doing a heckuva job with the sticking up for the cavalier attitude of your boss & his cronies, Brian.

Broadway Carl said...

Mr. Martin -

I have no agenda except perhaps to bring to light the asinine comments of politicians who downplay a tragic event such as the BP leak.

Whether it is accurate to describe the oil that is now reaching land as "chocolate mousse" or "chocolate milk" as the Congressman did is not the issue. It was a stupid analogy no matter where it originated and a politician worth his weight in chocolate mousse should realize that describing leaked oil as such could be misconstrued as trying to downplay the accident/tragedy and should choose his words more carefully.

Fisherman in Louisiana are now contemplating suicide because of the situation in which they now find themselves, so his "I don't think people should be scared" comment comes across as callous and uncaring at least.

I never mentioned Katrina, that was the GOP and media outlets trying to equivocate the two. I never said anything about Armageddon. You must be thinking about John Boehner and his silly little healthcare reform rant. It was your Congressman who mentioned those things when speaking of the leak.

The real issue is that Congressman Taylor said the oil "would break up naturally." He said it. That's not a misrepresentation. It is a direct quote.

When I brought up the fact three weeks ago that the leak was an ongoing problem, it was you, Mr. Martin, who misrepresented my position, called me a moron, and ridiculously accused me of wanting the BP disaster to happen for whatever reasons you concocted in your head.

As far as the oil naturally breaking down, I don't think injecting hundreds of thousands of gallons of Corexit dispersant (which is illegal in the UK by the way) would be considered natural breakdown. And we're only looking at what's at the surface, not the slick that remains below.

So please spare me your desperate revisionist history. Your Congressman said the oil could break up before reaching shore. He was wrong, it was too soon to make that call, and you still trying to justify it then and now makes you look like a fool.