Monday, May 3, 2010

Rainbows and Chocolate Milk

Really, folks. What's the big deal? Doesn't everyone like pretty rainbows and yummy chocolate milk?

"This isn’t Katrina. It’s not Armageddon,” [Republican Missisippi Rep. Gene] Taylor said. “A lot of people are scared and I don’t think they should be."
He described the spill as a light, rainbow sheen with patches that look like chocolate milk.
Mmmm... chocolate milk. Delicious. And his remedy is to let nature take its course and let the oil "break up naturally." Trust Taylor. He said it'll "evaporate within a week."

This is an elected official, folks.

CORRECTION: Rep. Taylor is a Democrat. Sad, huh?


Wolfe Tone said...

Taylor received my Sunday Afternoon Asshat award yesterday... and BP's asshattery was today's topic.

You and I are on the same wavelength, Carl.

Brian Martin said...

You are both morons. Rainbow sheen = broken down to the point of evaporation and degradation.
Chocolate milk = emulsified oil-water mix being broken down by waves and sun.
So those are useful descriptions from a 13-year Coast Guard veteran.
You should be mocking all the Chicken Littles who predicted that the coastal areas of 4 states would be covered with heavy crude by now.

Broadway Carl said...

Brian - Please come back and apologize next week when the gulf coast and Florida's eastern seaboard are covered in oil, when the fishing industry in the area is destroyed, when dead animals keep washing up on our shores. I guess you've forgotten that the leak hasn't stopped yet and still spilling at a conservative 200,000 gallons per day, and that's if the "failsafe" caps hold. But go ahead, and keep thinking that not giving this situation the proper seriousness it deserves is appropriate.

Or are in agreement with Taylor when he says, “A lot of people are scared and I don’t think they should be." You wait until those who aren't affected yet have oil slicks on their private beaches and then come back here and gloat.

You sound as if this will have absolutely no impact, financially or environmentally. What if it takes 90 days to stop the spill? At 200,000 gallons per day, that equals 18 million gallons. Who's the moron?

Broadway Carl said...

By the way, Brian Martin, professionally speaking it would be wise of you to disclose the fact that you work for Rep. Taylor.

NowhereMan said...

I guess Brian & Taylor(he doesn't deserve the title Rep.)listened to Rush and believe has a real degree in environmental science!By the way Brian its been 20 yrs since the Exxon Valdez catastrophe and the are is still getting oil washing up on shore.Mind you, this is still happening long after Exxon "cleaned it up".It killed that area's fishing industry let alone all the wildlife it continues to destroy.shill baby shill!