Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Domestic Enemy

Faisal Shahzad?  No.  Barack Obama.

...[A Heritage Foundation] audience member claimed Obama had put us at greater risk, and asked [Rep. Eric] Cantor: “What would he have to do differently to be defined as a domestic enemy?” That prompted loud, approving laughter from the crowd.
Cantor replied, in part: “No one thinks that the president is a domestic enemy,” prompting audible grumbling from the crowd...
Seriously. The inmates have taken over the asylum.

(H/T Greg Sargent)

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NowhereMan said...

its people like Cantor, Bachmann and the rest of the elected and former elected idiots like (death panels)Palin, Gingrich and fox news who deliberately lie about Obama and stoke inflame wingnuts of the party and then will act like it wasn't their fault after someone tries to kill him.Theres a special place in hell for these scumbags.