Monday, June 7, 2010

How Crazy Is She?!

Rush Limbaugh Marries Kate Rogers

And Elton John is good enough to sing at Rush's wedding, even though Rush doesn't think Elton John deserves the ability to get married himself. It truly is a topsy-turvy world we're living in.


jane said...

if she doesn't have a plan to kill him (and make it look like an accident), bitch is cuRAYZAY.

Impla, impla, impla dee do, here is another puzzle for you.

Anonymous said...

Carl, didn't you attend? I understand that you love, LOVE the status quo and want another commission to study on how we can use words to block the flow of oil from the gulf.

"O" is so on top of this crisis. He is reconsidering his decision open up more offshore drilling. Don't get upset, corporations, he is just thinking out loud. We know the Obaminator is here to maintain the status quo. Right Carl?

Broadway Carl said...

Once again, Michale shows how incredibly foolish is with his time wasting comment. Keep it up. Like I've told you before, no links, no quotes, no cred.