Wednesday, June 16, 2010


From The Guardian:


Anonymous said...


What is your solution for this truly awful result? More drilling? That's what the Obamanator is pushing.

Unless Obama is purshed to the left, he will ensure that Harvard continues to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Enabling the trashing of the environment has been Obama's last concrete solution "deep water drilling is very safe".

Don't be conned by Harvard. The rich see power and money first, last and always. Don't expect Harvard to play their 13-level chess to save a sperm whale. Harvard is here for your money.

chris said...

Harvard? Really? It's all Harvard's fault?

Broadway Carl said...

Wow! The wingnuts are out tonight! Put the President of Harvard in chains! It's his fault!

Any sane, rational person would know that weaning ourselves off of oil is a long transition, not a cold turkey situation. And anyone who's actually been paying attention to what President Obama has said regarding deep water drilling since the tragedy would know what his real stance is. Hint: it isn't "deep water drilling is very safe."

But of course, "Anonymous" (or should I say Michale) is not a rational person. Just another contrarian. You fit the Michele Bachmann mold well, Michale. Keep it up and show everyone here the fool we know you to be.