Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dumbass Quote of the Day

"Well, President Obama is trying to bind the United States into a global economy where all of our nations come together in a global economy. I don’t want the United States to be in a global economy where, where our economic future is bound to that of Zimbabwe."
~ Michele Bachmann (R-Freakland) on Fox "News"

I suppose no President before Obama ever met with other world leaders in a summit such as the G-20.  And as John Amato notes:
Using racist code words is built into the psyche of all conservative pols so when Mrs. Crazy spouts off that the USA could become "Zimbabwe," they understand that what she's really saying is Obama is not a citizen, but an African/Muslin [sic] hiding out in the White House...
I guess if she had said "Kenya" it would have been too obvious.

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NowhereMan said...

I have mixed feelings about whether I want her to win or lose in the fall because shes just such an easy punching bag to hit.Yes she could've easily said Greece but there not enough blacks there.