Monday, August 9, 2010

Anatomy of Blind Outrage


In a Facebook post about Obama wanting to promote jobs for "Made in America", someone commented that instead he's creating jobs abroad and linked to two articles. The first article linked cited the second article linked so the commenter was kind enough to provide both. My problem was the lack of either article or the commenter to provide a link to the appropriate federal agency's website or any press release, statement, document or anything else to back up the article's claim.

For the sake of argument, say that the US is funding jobs in Asia. I am pretty sure they do. But I refuse to get upset until I have a chance to read the strategy, the purpose, the expected results or benefits. But if an article isn't going to share a link to the source with a broader explanation, they are essentially telling me to feel blind outrage.

The main reason I started following Broadway Carl regularly is because he is the king of links. He backs up his posts with resources and allows the reader to decide whether the links support the outrage or not.

So thanks, Broadway Carl. Thanks for providing information for your readers to develop their own thoughts.

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