Monday, August 9, 2010

To Celebrity or Not To Celebrity, That is the Question, Also, Too - UPDATED


I think Shannyn Moore rocks. She is a sensible, fair and calm journalist who may be one of the people who actually gets through to Americans who are enamored by Sarah Palin. This week, she shares a little diddy in the Huffington Post and at her blog about my new hero, Kathleen Gustafson. Kathleen had the cojones to show up where Sarah Palin was filming her TLC teevee show about Alaska and call her out on her poor governing. She had a chance to say, to Palin's face,

"You're not a leader, you're a climber!"
She also accused Palin of being a celebrity, to which both Sarah and her daughter took great mocking offense. Sarah Palin a celebirty? In what respect, Kathleen? Oh, yeah, the respect that she's FILMING A TV SHOW! And perhaps because she HAS A TV STUDIO IN HER HOUSE (the house that's next door to her regular, non-celebrity house).

But I guess my favorite part of the whole exchange is when Palin says she's helping America by helping to elect good people who understand the Constitution. See, I do that, also, too. And I don't need to be a celebrity to do it. She is lazy and opportunistic and pretends she is working for America as she rakes in the cash. Thanks to people like Shannyn Moore and Kathleen Gustafson, perhaps more people will start to see that.

Oh, and my least favorite part of the exchange was when she showed complete disdain for Ms. Gustafson when Ms. Gustafson said she was a teacher. Yes, we know Sarah hates learning. But to despise a teacher just for being a teacher? Really? That's just stupid.

UPDATE: Sarah has since posted a Facebook defense blaming the lamestream media for misinterpreting her reaction to the teacher as an eye roll. My husband posted a comment to her post telling her what he saw (disrespect) and it was deleted.


Anonymous said...

Um, that would be "cojones" not "cajones" (drawers).

Gustafson should receive an award. My fear is that that woman is probably being harassed and receiving hate filled correspondence if not threats.

jhw22 said...

Corrected. Thank you.

If she hasn't been harassed yet, she certainly will be. And for all we know, she's a Republican who is pissed that the woman she voted for bailed. But the assumption will be that if she challenged Palin, she must be a liberal.


Anonymous said...


You're welcome. Thank YOU for pitching in with the enthusiasm!

I'm with you...I CANNOT stand Palin and I am beyond thrilled that a citizen told her the truth to her face. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm...

I'd be thrilled to know that Gustafson is a Republican. As you said, maybe she can reach a few people that are otherwise unreachable...Silvia D.

kanawa said...

Gee, looks to me like y'all are disrespecting Palin. How come your panties are in such a knot? Does she hold some secret power over you that you can't be happy without seeing her destroyed?

Just askin'

Broadway Carl said...

Kawana - Please point to the section of this post where Palin is being disrespected.

She's lazy? Yes, she quit her job to make money on the talk circuit.

She's opportunistic? What do you call it when she couldn't wait until the end of her term to do the same thing she's doing now... that it if that's what she really wanted to do?

If we don't like her politics, if we don't like her using her status (a gift from McCain - otherwise she'd still be an unknown in Alaska and we'd all be much better off) to advance her celebrity and cash in while abandoning her post as governor of a state, if we think she's wrong on every issue and frankly, not that intelligent, it's not disrespectful to point it out. It's called disagreeing with her and trying to make it known to those who watch something other than Fox News.

You won't find any disagreement on her Facebook page because her handlers scrub the comments. So much for enjoying that freedom of speech she claims to uphold in the Constitution.

jhw22 said...


She does not hold a power over me other than the fact that I think she is bad for America and I will campaign against her if she ever chooses to run for anything again -- that's the fun part of Democracy.

But perhaps she holds some power over you or you could see that what I wrote is supported by HER actions -- HER choices.

You are not likely a follower of this blog, so I am guessing you did some sort of search, perhaps looking for a place to defend her against her poor actions instead of accepting that she did QUIT. She did then go on to make a profit off of quitting. And she did disrespect a teacher on camera.

Now, if you want to deny that she deletes comments, then, again, perhaps you are the one being held mentally captive.

These are all mere guesses since I do not know you.

Do I want Sarah Palin destroyed? Heavens no. But I do not want her to destroy people's ability to think for themselves. For SOME it may be too late.