Thursday, August 19, 2010

NY Rag Takes Credit For WH 9/11 Responder Bill Comment

I am speechless. Well, almost speechless or I wouldn't be writing with fury right now.

I just came across this headline in the New York Daily News:

Wham! And thanks, Bam: At last, Obama backs health bill for 9/11 responders
It seems that the editors at this bastion of journalistic excellence are taking credit for what they see as putting pressure on President Obama with the headline, "9/11 SLAM ON BAM," to make a statement in favor of a bill providing health care and compensation to sickened Ground Zero rescue and recovery workers. Yes, the same bill that the Republicans in the House voted against on procedural grounds. The same bill Rep. Anthony Weiner freaked about when co-sponsor of the bill, Rep. Peter King, accused the Democrats of playing politics with the bill, while not bothering to whip up votes for his own legislation.

Are the Daily News editors high, stupid or both? Every Democrat save four voted for the bill. We have a Democratic president. 12 out of 178 Republicans voted for it. Logic would dictate that the White House would obviously be in favor of the bill and would sign it into law. But that would mean that logic would have to enter into the minds of these hapless editors.

Oh, they do acknowledge that the Republicans should have the "decency" to stand for what is right and vote in favor of the bill... in the very last line of the piece. Up until then, no comment from the White House meant an assumption by the Daily News that, for some insane reason, President Obama wouldn't be in favor of such a measure. After all, he spoke about the Not-In-Ground-Zero-Not-A-Mosque, why didn't he weigh in on this?

Maybe because legislation passed by a Democratically led Congress on such an issue is a no-brainer and ANY president in Obama's position would be committing political suicide if he vetoed it. But then again, why educate the reader when you can stir up faux controversies to sell your rags?


NowhereMan said...

I remember a time when the newspapers job was to enlighten the reader.Now what they do is call white black and known facts become speculation.Their interest is no longer journalism but entertainment which is why I no longer buy them

Anonymous said...

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