Thursday, August 19, 2010

Too Dumb To Tweet

So according to Sarah Palin, Dr. Laura can say anything she wants because it's her right to freedom of speech, but if she is criticized for her comments by others using their right to freedom of speech, they're actually being "Constitutional obstructionists" and are "trying 2silence" her...

Huh... I guess Trig really is her son after all.*

UPDATE (9:23am): Joan Walsh weighs in.

UPDATE (8/20/10, 7pm):

I was approached privately by a friend wanting clarification on the last line of this post regarding Trig.

In no way was my intention to make fun of Trig. I was insulting Sarah's intelligence. When publishing this post I thought I might be treading on thin ice by making that comment and some might misconstrue what I meant. I was saying Sarah Palin is an idiot. But either way you look at it, it was insensitive on my part. So for that, my apologies.

From now on, I'll just come right out and say Sarah Palin is a moron.


jhw22 said...

There are plenty of highly intelligent women with children with Downs. In this case, the child may be more intelligent than his "mother".


NowhereMan said...

Not may be more intelligent jhw22,way way more intelligent.

jhw22 said...

I agree, Carl, she IS a moron.

Cool of you to address the concerns over that line. That's integrity, man. :)