Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ass-Kicker in Chief


The President took to the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room today to answer questions about his tax compromise and as the briefing progressed, so did his anger. Granted some people never realized that he has some asses to kick on the left so now many are outraged and quite upset that he could possibly chew their asses. But, hell, when you question the man's values based on some narrowly confined spectrum of liberal idealism that excludes the ideals of fellow Dems, well then, you're going to get some of that fight you've been demanding. It's funny how many Dems said he needed to grow a pair and are now pouting because he called them out. Looks like those big, tough liberals are the real pussies. Can't take a lecture from the President, eh? Tough shit. Grow a pair and grow up. ;)

I, personally, LOVED his take down and was sure to email and call the White House with my support of his compromise and the press conference.

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Here's the video.


jhw22 said...

I couldn't get it to post as an embedded object. Sorry it's a link.


jhw22 said...

Thanks, editor. I guess I could have found a version elsewhere. Didn't think of that. I really am wicked smart.