Friday, December 10, 2010

Sanders Filibustering Tax Cuts Compromise - UPDATED

Senator Bernie Sanders is currently in his fifth hour of speaking on the Senate floor filibustering the tax cuts compromised brokered by President Obama and GOP leaders. Whether you agree with the compromise or not, it's pretty amazing thing to watch. He started at 10:25am EST.

You can catch it on C-SPAN.

Of course, Bernie is completely right on every issue he's brought up. But it's a gamble with the proposals that help the middle class in the compromise, and if the Democrats opposed to this legislation are successful in blocking or defeating it, I hope they're right. I really hope they can do better.

ADDING... It's not technically a "filibuster" because there's no actual legislation the floor to block, but really, isn't he holding everything up anyway?

(H/T Bob Cesca)

UPDATE: As of 7:52pm EST, Senator Sanders is still going. I haven't seen anyone go this long in the Senate since I watched Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.

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jhw22 said...


I'll just say I would only be this acquiescing if it were Sanders or Franken. I respect them enough to allow them this type of event. I do respect Sanders. He is a smart man with the right view on many issues. I just hate that this is happening.

I WANT the angry Dems to be correct. I do. But in some ways, I want them to see, without a way that harms America, that THIS isn't the way. THIS isn't the time. We can't shit on the President, yell rather than assist, demand after the fact because we were distracted by other issues, then say we are free from responsibility.

I would pay more taxes even though it would cause me problems. But I do not want someone worse off than me to pay that because some people decided to get angry at the wrong thing, the wrong person, the wrong time.