Monday, March 7, 2011

The Bachmann-Bot 6000

I must now assume that Michele Bachmann (R-Earl Gray) is not actually a human being, but some kind of cybertronic robot preprogrammed to never stray from whatever talking point script is typed into its memory at any given time.

What other reason could there be for the Bachmann-Bot 6000 to repeat "over $105 billion" eight times in a twelve minute interview on Stretch's Meet The Press? It's hard drive must have been damaged during transport to the studio and continued rebooting during camera time. It actually pulled out a cue card in Safe Mode.

"Crime against democracy... Obamacare... debt ceiling... $105 billion... $105 billion... gangster government... $105 billion... $105 billion... does not compute... does not compute..."
This doesn't even begin to touch on the "gangster government" comment the Bachmann-Bot 6000 used in describing the Obama administration.

Let's also note that the Meet The Press powers that be should be ashamed of themselves for giving a wingnut like Bachmann-Bot 6000 a national platform to spread its lunacy across the airwaves. Let's hope they think twice before booking morons again... although I'm sure John McCain will make his bi-monthly appearance very soon.

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