Saturday, March 12, 2011

Must Reads

Paul Campos: Throw Clarence Thomas Off the Bench

David Edwards: Exclusive: Limbaugh’s parent company still using actors to fake radio call-ins, exec tells Raw

Dan Froomkin: A Reagan Republican Makes A Case Against The War -- And His Own Party

Marcus Baram: Sarah Palin 'Not Afraid' Of Jon Stewart, Says Aide

Joan Walsh: Newt Gingrich, hypocrite in chief

E.J. Dionne: What Wisconsin Democrats can teach Washington Democrats

Linda Greenhouse: Justice Scalia Objects

Richard Pérez-Peña: Christie’s Talk Is Blunt, but Not Always Straight

Tim Murphy: Birther Bill Author: What's a Long-Form Birth Certificate?

Eugene Robinson: Peter King's Modern-Day Witch Hunt

Dana Milbank: Rep. King's Red Scare

Paul Krugman: Dumbing Deficits Down

E.D. Kain: Michigan Governor Plays Fast and Loose with Democracy, Invokes Radical New Powers

Matthew Rothschild: Scott Walker Believes He’s Following Orders from the Lord

Gail Collins: Eye of the Newt

Dan Taylor: Wisconsin Republicans Have Done Progressives a Huge Favor

Angry Black Lady: Liberals, It’s Time to Stop Bitching and Start Organizing. Just Shut Up and Get to Work

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