Monday, March 14, 2011

A Generation of Stupid

Michele Bachmann home-schooled her children. There should be a law against the mentally deficient home-schooling their children.

"As a mother of 5 and foster mother to 23, as well as someone who homeschooled her children, Congresswoman Bachmann is a strong supporter of homeschooling and is looking forward to speaking to the group in Iowa," says Bachmann spokesman Doug Sachtleben.
Wow, that's 28 kids who think that Lexington and Concord are in New Hampshire...

ADDING... Duh. Winning!

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Anonymous said...

Several years ago, myself and some friends were on a beach watching a partial solar eclipse. I had an 8 inch solar filter for a telescope, but I was just holding it up so everyone could look at the sun at the same time. We had several pairs of binoculars handy for anyone wanting a closer look.
A woman strolling the beach with her two children approached us and asked what we were doing. We explained what was happening and let her view the filtered sun through the binoculars.
She then asked me why we need to filter the sun to look at it during an eclipse. I told her you have to use a filter to look at it at anytime. She argued that wasn't so, that you could look at the sun any other time, but was adamant in asking why you needed to filter it during an eclipse. There was no good answer to that one, so I just went back to holding up the filter for the others. Shortly after, the friend I was facing doubled over laughing. Behind me, the skeptical woman was using the binoculars to view boats in the harbor. She then proceeded to look directly at the sun through the binoculars. The description I heard of what happened was that her head flew backwards and the binoculars forward all in the same motion. Lesson learned, I guess.
I couldn't help but think her children were going to grow up to be like her.
It's scary, but these people are out there, and they vote.
Welcome to the world of Michele Bachmann.