Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hey, Reince Priebus... SUCK IT!

The latest RNC Chairman Clown has taken the opportunity to tweet about President Obama's lack of leadership because he spent a few minutes filling out an NCAA March Madness bracket with ESPN.

I suppose Priebus expected the President to don a radioactive suit and get air-dropped into the center of the failing nuclear reactors in Japan? But I'd bet my house that if the President hadn't taken the time for a little diversion to fill out a bracket, Reince Priebus would have tweeted some asinine comment about how President Obama was too elitist to take the time to be an Average Joe and participate in a March Madness pool.

Do you know what I think is elitist? A name like "Reince Priebus."

Martin Bashir does a fine job showing how petty this complaint is.

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