Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Broken Mainstream Media

Hey, I like Two and a Half Men as much as the next guy. It's mindless, crass entertainment that takes your mind off your troubles for 30 minutes a week... for 22 weeks out of the year. But can we please stop with the 24/7 coverage of Charlie Sheen blowing a brain gasket? I don't think my personal world is going to suffer if I lose 11 collective hours* of television entertainment per year. And that includes commercials.

When did the mind of America atrophy? When did we lose our way and become a civilization subsisting on reality television schadenfreude? And we can't even allow for legitimate news on supposed news shows anymore, as Stephen Colbert points out.

Sarah Palin is a dolt. But in this case, she's right, even if it's for all the wrong reasons. Her stupid, little "lamestream media" dig actually works in certain cases. And this is one of them.

* Yes, if you haven't thought about it, Charlie Sheen was making $44 million per season for a collective body of work totaling 11 hours a year.

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