Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What About the Wanted?


Today "an anti-choice group in Ohio is putting a 9-week old fetus on the witness list" in an attempt to find one more trick to make abortion illegal.

Jeez, my OB/GYN wouldn't even see me before ten weeks -- even while I was miscarrying.
Why are some people willing to ignore the woman in this debate? And why aren't the same people doing more to prevent miscarriages rather than forcing women to prove they miscarried naturally?
And what are the same people doing for babies thrown in dumpsters and shaken or born addicted? I have always said that I respect that some people have a moral problem with abortion. But I don't respect the same people when they aren't doing anything for the wanted babies who are lost or for the babies who weren't aborted but were left with no way to survive. Either DO for those who are born or who a woman desperately wants to have and DO for the women you want to make YOUR choice or don't tell a woman what to do with her body. Prevent poverty, abuse, starvation, neglect, lack of health care, illiteracy, gun violence, mental illness. Do something for the children you fight so hard to get here.
HELP or get out of the damn way.

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