Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool! House HR 1255 Passes

For those of you who have been living under a political rock for the last few days, mark today's date on your calendar. For today is the day that 221 Republican members of the House of Representatives went on the record to show the country that they have no idea how the United States government works. Today is the day that the Republican members of the House who so highly regard the Constitution decided to wipe their asses with said document. Today is the day the GOP admitted it doesn't really give a shit about checks and balances, or the proper procedure of how a bill actually becomes a law. A little hint for House Republicans: this isn't it.

Led by Republican House leader Eric Cantor, the Government Shutdown Prevention Act passed by a vote of 221-202. The bill states that if the Senate doesn't act on the bill by a specific date, another bill automatically becomes law. This bill is so fucking ridiculous, even Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Freakazoidland), the guy who believes in private army conspiracy theories, voted against it. Gohmert! How does that make Cantor feel? How does Eric Cantor feel that calls to Speaker Boehner regarding this issue were blocked and referred to Cantor's office? What does Cantor's view from underneath the bus look like?

And just as a reminder for those with short attention spans or bad short term memory, this vote took place and was passed by the same party that insisted to read the Constitution aloud on the House floor during the first day of session (and they screwed that up in the process). This is the same 112th GOP led Congress (the House anyway) that passed a rule stating that each bill introduced should cite Constitutional authority.

I'm still waiting for Cantor to jump out of the House chamber cloak room shouting, "April Fool!"

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