Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Most Bizarre Interview Ever - UPDATED

I just watched Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie try to interview Donald Trump via telephone on MSNBC. I say it's a bizarre interview because the first question posed was, of course, why The Donald was fixated on the Birther conspiracy that President Obama should show us his birth certificate (he has) and that there's a good chance he wasn't born in the United States (he was).

Trump took offense that he wasn't being asked serious questions about China or the economy. Yeah, Trump blamed the media for bringing up an issue that he has been shouting from the rooftops for the last few weeks, since CPAC in fact, as unserious journalism.

Something akin to this:

Me: I'm running for president and Trump is not qualified because he fucks goats! Did you know that? Trump is a goat fucker. He hasn't proven he doesn't fuck goats. I find no records of Trump not being arrested for bestiality but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Why doesn't Trump just come out and tell us he doesn't fuck goats? Maybe it's because he's a goat fucker. He must be! Trump's a goat fucker. Trump's a goat fucker. Trump's a goat fucker.  
You: Why do you insist Trump is a goat fucker? 
Me: Hey, I'm running for president! Why don't you ask me serious questions? Why must you ask me about this goat fucking business, which by the way, I believe is true. Why is the media fixated on the goat fucking? ...Speaking of which, did you know Trump's a goat fucker? But don't ask me about that. Take me seriously!!!
I hope the video becomes available to post soon, because it was even more bizarre than that. Add to it the fact that Trump barely breathed during the phone interview, leaving Todd and Guthrie unable to counter, speechless and giggling in astonishment, and you have comedy gold.

UPDATE (1pm): Here's the video:

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Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to shut this ass wipe up. I mean he lies right to you. He does not have the # 1 show. His show is not even in the top ten shows. He's getting a fraction of the viewes he use to get. Tell him that. Tell him he is lying. Look at the #'s. He is last of the 3 networks in his timeslot. He has dropped ratings every year. the man is a lying pig and loves to start shit. He's lying about the whole gadafi incedent. He swore he did not know it was him renting his land until we started bombing him. Then all of a sudden he's on the bandwagon on how he screwed gadafi & kept his money. I wonder if he claimed the income or just screwed the gov.