Saturday, April 16, 2011

But It's Not About Racism (The Orange County Edition)

I'm truly speechless.

The Weekly has obtained a copy of an email sent to fellow conservatives this week by Marilyn Davenport, a Southern California Tea Party activist and member of the central committee of the Orange County Republican Party.
Under the words, "Now you know why no birth certificate," there's an Obama family portrait showing them as apes.
This is coming from the same county where a mayor sent out an email of the White House with a photoshopped watermelon patch on the lawn. What's truly amazing is that Davenport didn't see anything wrong with forwarding this email. It's just a joke after all.
"You're not going to make a big deal about this are you?... It's just an Internet joke."
...KCAL and KCBS reported during their respective 10 and 11 p.m. broadcasts that in a telephone interview Davenport blamed the media for this controversy and slammed down the phone.
Yes, it's the media's fault that Marilyn Davenport is a racist pig.

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