Friday, April 15, 2011

My Twitter with @JakeTapper

The cool thing about Twitter, for those who don't participate in it, is that if you treat people with respect, people that you would probably have virtually no chance of communicating with in "real life," they will most likely respond to you.

That was the case with ABC White House Correspondent Jake Tapper today after I read his story on President Obama being caught by a live microphone at a fundraiser in Chicago. Actually, I read his initial tweet first.

Well, I had to respond to that... didn't I?

And here was Tapper's response.

Fair enough. I thought maybe I should have read the link Tapper was referring to in his post before judging his tweet. Did I make a fool of myself? Maybe I misunderstood the intention of the Tapper tweet.

Speaking before the House GOP retreat in January 2010, the president suggested Ryan was a "pretty sincere guy" who "has looked at the budget and has made a serious proposal."
...Right. The link leads to a White House webpage of the transcript of said retreat in which the President indeed admitted that Ryan made a serious proposal... in 2010. Tapper certainly wasn't referring to the ridiculousness of Ryan's 2012 proposal. Was this what he thought was deserving of praise? Was he equating what Ryan said in 2010 compared to the mountain of crazy proposed in his 2012 budget? And should the President think likewise? Maybe so, in order to make a mountain out of a molehill. Obviously, I couldn't let it go at this point, so here's the rest of the tweet to and fro.

That was it. "Indeed, indeed." So I take it Tapper agrees with my assessment, yet this was a big story according to the MSM and Tapper. Oh, well.

I do give kudos to Jake Tapper for taking the time to respond to the possibly hundreds of tweets he must receive on a daily basis. Having access to someone who sits daily in the White House Press Room is something that probably wasn't feasible just even a few years ago, and I'm grateful for him taking the time to respond to me. If you go to his post, you'll be able to read a more detailed transcript of President Obama's "private" remarks that I've yet to see on MSM television. It's a fun read.

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NowhereMan said...

I hate to use a Hitler analogy but if Hitler had said "I really hate Jews"and "I want to kill them all"and I responded that he was a"pretty sincere guy" who"has looked at the Jews and has made a serious proposal"would I be praising him?