Friday, April 8, 2011

On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin! Plunge right through that line!...

Yesterday I wrote about the undeniable trend that when Democrats win elections it's by some conspiratorial voter fraud but when Republicans win, it's a MANDATE... even if the margin of victory happens to be a couple of hundred votes. I gave an example of the accusation of voter fraud from the Wall Street Journal's John Fund. And this guy does me the favor of listing all the voter fraud criers because he actually agrees with them.

Well there's been a little development since yesterday's election results in the State Supreme Court race between Republican incumbent David Prosser and Democratic challenger JoAnne Kloppenberg.

...Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus announced at a 5:45 p.m. news conference that she had left out the 14,315 votes cast in the city of Brookfield in the totals she released Tuesday night. Prosser won 10,859 votes there to Kloppenburg's 3,456. Coupled with small increases elsewhere in the county, Prosser gained a total of 7,582 votes on his challenger, giving him a 0.5% margin — enough to avoid a state-financed recount.
Enough votes to avoid a recount.

And you may ask, who is County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus? Does she have any skin in the game?
...Rep. Peter Barca, the Assembly minority leader, in a statement noted that Nickolaus had worked for Republicans in the Legislature when Prosser was a leader there. "Her approach raises questions about the integrity of the election to the highest court in our state."

So to all the voter fraud conspiracy theorists out there who cried foul when you thought Prosser lost, is your theory due to trying to find out the truth and making sure that every vote is counted? Or are you now satisfied with the new outcome and don't think that these magically found ballots over 24 hours after the polls closed which give Prosser the win with just enough votes to avoid a recount sounds the least bit suspicious to you? Don't you think it at least warrants an investigation?

Just sayin'.

For more information on Nickolaus, click here.

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