Tuesday, May 24, 2011

But It's Not About Racism (The "Chugging 40s" Edition)

I had a feeling someone would say this the second I saw the President with a pint of beer in his hand. It took no more than a day. Good going, Eric Bolling, you miserable piece of shit.

For those of you who disagree that this is a racist thing to say, you're just fooling yourselves.

If Bolling wanted to wrongly smear Obama for going on his scheduled trip to Europe while a tornado hit Joplin, Missouri, he could have tweeted "Obama chugs a beer while..." or "Obama drinks while tornado kills." As if the President could put on his cape and take off to Joplin, grab the tornado by the tail and whip it into space. But he didn't. He went directly for the dog whistle with the "40s" reference.

Throughout the late 80s and 90s, 40 oz malt liquor was rolled out with “aggressive marketing campaigns aimed at minority drinkers,” which often portrayed black actors and rappers in stereotypical or exploitative fashions. There is a fairly large body of academic literature exploring the relationship between malt liquor and African Americans, and 40 oz stereotypes were even mocked in the 2009 parody of “blacksploitation” films, “Black Dynamite.”
And as soon as he was called on it, Bolling backtracks and tweets "stop.. I drank 40's growing up in Chicago... I am NOT racist". Really? Eric Bolling drank 40's growing up in Chicago? I'd like to see evidence. Any photos of that? And I'd also like to see equal outrage in Bolling's past when President Bush was playing a guitar or singing happy birthday to John McCain during the Katrina disaster. It's got to be documented, right?

Eric, you brought it up. At least be a man and own up to it, you coward. Embrace your racism. That's what your fans are waiting for.

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NowhereMan said...

I guess he wanted Obama to cut short his visit with America's strongest allies,go to Joplin,Mo. and be like Jimmy Carter and start building homes.
We always knew after Obama was elected that the racism and code words towards him would be grow even stronger.Once Beck said he hates white people and called Obama a racist and Fox didn't say shit about it,it gave license to all the Obama haters to question everything about his legitimacy even as to whether he was born in the US.
The media was equally culpable when he was asked about the Skip Gates arrest.He concluded rightfully so that once Gates proved it was indeed his home,the police acted stupidly by arresting him.Instead of discussing the merrits of the arrest(after all he is a constitutional lawyer)the media reaction was that Obama was sticking up for his black brother over a cop just doing his job.
How about all the times the republicans refer to him as Mr.Obama instead of the President.All of this leads mofos like Trump to not push but shove the envelope to the point of questioning how a black man can graduate from both Harvard and Columbia.
Yes we have progressed mightily as a nation but at the same time we have been exposed to the most vile deep seated hatred in this country people still have towards Blacks and by extension minorities in general.All of this shows the GOP should be officially changed to the KKK.