Saturday, May 28, 2011

Herman Cain is a Dumbass

Can we all just agree that Herman Cain is clueless? No, really. The guy is a dumbass.

It's bad enough to berate people to reread the Constitution and then righteously quote from the Declaration of Independence, but how about just stepping on the idiocy throttle and running over some Paul Ryan budget doublespeak?!

Nobody’s talking about the fact that the centerpiece of Ryan’s plan is a voucher. Now, a lot of people don’t like to use that term because it has a negative connotation. That is what we need.
People don't like the word "voucher" when it comes to Medicare. That's because the Eddie Munster budget would pretty much kill Medicare and replace it with, as Paul Ryan would like to describe, a "premium support" program, AKA voucher from the government to help with the cost of health insurance that you'd have to shop for yourself from the various insurance companies* and pay for the difference. But in some kind of warped mentality, Herman Cain disregards the Ryan talking points in trying to rename a voucher program "premium support" (which will only increase at the rate of inflation and not the rate of premium increases) and says HELL YEAH! we need a voucher program and "nobody is talking about" it.


No one is talking about it?! Has he not been watching the news or reading the paper? We know he hasn't  been taking the time to read the Constitution. Who the hell is in charge of the Cain campaign? Whoever it is should be fired immediately.

*This past Friday on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Ryan said that it's Medicare that would help seniors choose their plan which Joe Scarborough was all too eager to eat up, but that remains to be seen.


Anonymous said...

WTF..No one is talking about Obamacare that takes 1/2 a trillion dollars out of Medicare and makes it cheaper for employers to drop all coverage for employees and just pay the fine.
Cain talks about both the declaration of independence and the constitution all the time and sometimes lumps them together.
He never uses a teleprompter and doesn't work from written speeches. It's refreshing to hear someone talk about them at all!
Cain/West 2012

Broadway Carl said...

Yes, we are all aware that the Affordable Care Act streamlines the fraud, waste and abuse in Medicare $500 billion.

You just keep dreaming about a Cain/West ticket. I'll hope for it as well and I'll see you at Obama's second inauguraration.

NowhereMan said...

I'm confused as to why Cain proudly quotes the Declaration of Independence - a document that left untouched, would've made Cain a slave.As for not using a teleprompter,name just one POTUS who has never used one.That great abomination Allan West,is a guaranteed one termer.
If I were praising these two clowns i'd be anonymous too.

Anonymous said...

Was there anyone, involved in the republican debate, who
Isn't a dumbass? The only dumbass not around was our old friend Sarh Palindrome - the queen of the dumbasses