Saturday, May 14, 2011

Must Reads

Adam Serwer: Killing OBL Was Legal

Eric Boehlert: WSJ’s Peggy Noonan: Bin Laden Death Dissolved Into A “Mystery,” Obama’s To Blame

Ben Yakas: Is This The Greatest NY Times Correction Of All Time?

David Axe: Was the Hit on Bin Laden Illegal?

Malou Innocent: How Bush Lost bin Laden

Marissa McNaughton: Take Me Out To The Ballgame….and Tweet for Beer!

James David Dickson: ANN ARBOR: 100-plus University of Michigan law graduates walk out of Ohio Senator Rob Portman's speech at Senior Day

Adam Weinstein: One Man's Crusade Against Fundamentalist Claptrap

DCPlod: So Many Strawmen, So Many Words To Knock Them Down

John Avalon: The Right-Wing Talk-Radio Flame Out

JM Ashby: Ron Paul: Abolish FEMA? Why Not?

Steve Benen: President Meanie

JWH22 recommends...
Sarah Posner: Exclusive: Liberty Law Exam Question on Notorious Kidnapping Case Pressured Students to Choose “God’s Law” over “Man’s”

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