Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quote of the Day

"The House of Representatives passing a bill that redefines rape and could force the IRS to check to see if women had abortions for the right reasons. It's not that a brutal assault on the rights of women isn't important. It's not that we shouldn't bash all the Republicans, every one of them, who voted for it. No, it's that the House of Representatives has decided that it is merely going to publicly masturbate for its most extremist constituents, recklessly passing shit that has absolutely no way to get through the Senate, let alone the President. So whatever they do is merely fodder for nutzoid right-wing fundraising. They're already bailing on the Medicare "reform" they just passed almost unanimously. They're worthless, disembodied cocks and cunts."
~ The Rude Pundit on things he won't be talking about because it's just too stupid, so why bother?

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