Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cars 2 -- The Indoctrination Begins


My husband and I took our son to see Cars 2 the other day. And the first thing I told my husband was, "Get ready for the cries of 'INDOCTRINATION!!!!" If you haven't seen it yet, and you should, I won't spoil it other than to say there's a definite perspective against big oil. Honestly, it was pretty glaring and I giggled AND I worried about all the kids whose right-wing parents will deny them the sequel to an entire generation's classic tale of friendship, determination and teamwork.

So a friend, who is a quiet Conservative Republican, posted on Facebook asking if Cars 2 is any good. I jumped right in with high praise. Another Republican friend of ours agreed. Two more people gave it a thumbs-up (but I don't know them or their political leanings).

Then comes this comment:

I heard it's pretty PC- big oil companies are bad, gas guzzling cars are bad, green energy rocks and everyone needs super-fuel efficiient [sic] cars.
I had four thoughts rush at me in a split-second: 1) Hahahaha, I knew it, 2) I wonder where she "heard" it, 3) When did talking about gas and fuel-efficient cars become "PC" and not good for the wallet, 4) Now I'm fucking pissed that people will defend the shit that comes out of our cars rather than give the likes of Al Gore a win.

Because thought four made me so angry, and because my friend is so quiet and NOT confrontational AT ALL, I am holding my keys over there. So, I blogged it here.

Mark my tire treads, we will hear this more an more. And it will get ugly. Kids will be crying and Mater the Cable Guy will be in a heap of trouble with the same people who still think Toby Keith is a Republican.

EDIT: Duh, I didn't think to Google "Cars 2" and "Indoctrination" before posting. And look what came up first.


JUDI M. said...

Liked your post and I'm sure the movie is a hoot, just like the first one.
About Toby Keith though:he may not exactly be a Republican these days....he just sorta goes from one side to the other and to Independent.Sorta like this whole country is going from one direction to the other.

Broadway Carl said...

@ JUDI M. Re. Toby Keith:

You mean fickle? That's the problem. There is absolutely no patience for instant gratification voting Americans to let something play out before they get distracted by the next set of jingling keys.

jhw22 said...

Compared to Ted Nugent, Toby Keith is Bernie Sanders. ;)