Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thaddeus McCotter Jumps In

Politico: Thaddeus McCotter will file paperwork to enter the 2012 presidential race on Friday, a McCotter adviser told POLITICO, allowing the Michigan congressman to kick off his long-shot bid on the first day of the new fundraising quarter.
What makes someone like McCotter think he even has a chance at getting close to the nomination? My prediction is that McCotter will have as much of a chance of winning the GOP nomination as I do.

And didn't he star in Poltergeist 2?


jhw22 said...

"God is in, His Holy tem-PLE. Earthly thoughts be silent now..."

Man, that guy freaked me out. And wow, they look like father and son.


vera lynn said...

I knew he looked like somebody....damn. That's who it is.
And he is creepy.r