Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quote of the Day

Many politicians, of all political parties, make mistakes in speeches. That would certainly include the President and, even more certainly, the Vice-President.
But what they all tend to have in common is that, once the mistake is brought to their attention, they apologize for their error and set the record straight...
Sarah Palin, on the other hand, likes to double-down and dig the hole deeper. Not only does she not apologize for mistakes, she drags it out by defending the errors and encouraging her followers to do the same. She knows that her people believe pretty much anything she says so accuracy is not a high priority to her.
If this is acceptable to you –fine.
Personally, I would prefer our supposed leaders expose the public to actual history rather than the version that suits their political message.
~Rick Ungar's message to the Palin apologists who are twisting themselves in knots trying to justify Sarah Palin's Paul Revere idiocy, including editing the Paul Revere Wikipedia page.


jhw22 said...

This entire article nailed it! All of it. From her mistakes to her stubborn refusal to admit mistakes.

And he wrote this BEFORE Palin started defending her statements as correct.

GOD, she sucks!


NowhereMan said...

She's a psycho talk hall of famer but, what is it about these republicans who can't admit they made a mistake when they get anything wrong?They must be raising really fucked up kids.