Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just An Observation

I don't have an opinion about the Casey Anthony case. I haven't followed it closely enough to form one, although judging by the reaction to the not guilty verdict, it seems similar to another OJ Simpson type of outcome. She was tried by a jury and was found guilty of four counts of providing false information to law enforcement, which means she could be freed having served three years during the trial.

I just find it ironic that a murder trial over a three year period ended just one day before the trial of Roger Clemens starts.

Clemens was indicted last August on charges of obstruction of Congress, perjury and false statements as a result of testimony he gave to Congress regarding use of performance enhancing drugs, specifically steroids and human growth hormone, or HGH.
If found guilty, Clemens could actually serve more time than Casey Anthony did... for lying about taking steroids.

I do have an opinion about Clemens and the Congressional actions on Major League Baseball, but they're irrelevant for the purposes of this post. The whole thing is just kind of strange and a little sad, isn't it?

ADDING..."The Devil is dancing tonight"?! Nancy Grace needs to take a valium.

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